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EXOTIC rental cars available in Pantelleria - Airport (PNL), Italy

Look over our great EXOTIC Pantelleria - Airport car rental deals and select the most suitable offer. Find out car rental models, their prices, and suppliers of EXOTIC rental cars that are available in PNL Airport.


Smart Fortwo

Smart Fortwo


$109.13 / day


Jeep Renegade

sicily by car
Jeep Renegade


$33.16 / day


Fiat 500 Convertible

sicily by car
Fiat 500 Convertible


$28.36 / day


Volkswagen Polo

sicily by car
Volkswagen Polo


$16.63 / day

Information about EXOTIC car rental class in Pantelleria - Airport (PNL), Italy

The exotic car rental class accumulates only the most stylish and unique vehicles on the rental market. Cars from this class are always standouts whether it is a flashy convertible or a classy retro car.

If you are looking for some new experiences in your driving life, you most certainly have to check out available deals in this category of cars. It can also be a great way to spice up your vacation or family holidays and will certainly provide you some rich memories.

The best way to have an exotic time off is to rent a car from the exotic rental class.

EXOTIC PNL Airport car rental

EXOTIC car rental class in Pantelleria - Airport is presented by the following car rental models: or similar EXOTIC rental vehicles.

Best suppliers of EXOTIC Pantelleria - Airport car rentals

To make the best choice of EXOTIC car rental deal in Pantelleria - Airport [PNL], pay attention not only to car rental model and its price, but also to car rental vendor who provides this deal. Car rental agencies that offer EXOTIC vehicles in Pantelleria - Airport have different car rental conditions and rating average scores from our previous customers.

The biggest variety of EXOTIC car rental deals in Pantelleria - Airport is provided by OPTIMORENT.


OptimoRent 106 reviews

6.4 / 10

FAQ - EXOTIC rent a car in Pantelleria - Airport

How to book EXOTIC car rental in Pantelleria - Airport?

Start typing the necessary pickup location and return address in the search form and select the most suitable one from the drop-down list. Choose the required date and time of your rental. On the search results page, you will be able to filter and sort all car rental deals based on your preferred car rental class.

What is the cheapest EXOTIC car rental in PNL Airport?

The cheapest EXOTIC car in Pantelleria - Airport is Smart Fortwo from optimorent. The current relevant price is $109.13 per day.

How much will I spend on fuel for EXOTIC car in Pantelleria - Airport?

How old do I have to be to rent EXOTIC vehicle in Pantelleria - Airport Airport?

You usually have to be between 25 and 70 years of age to rent EXOTIC car in Pantelleria - Airport. Age restrictions of car rental companies in Pantelleria - Airport differ dramatically.

If you fall outside these age limitations, you always can find car rental suppliers who will allow you to rent a vehicle on condition that you pay an additional young driver surcharge or senior driver fee or purchase additional insurance.

What EXOTIC rental cars I can rent in PNL Airport?

EXOTIC cars are quite popular in their segment due to a large choice, high level of comfort, and a reasonable price. Besides, EXOTIC vehicles usually come with fuel-efficient four-cylinder engines that can save your budget at the pump. The most demanded EXOTIC models at Pantelleria - Airport among the tourists are the following:

  • Fiat 500 Convertible
  • Jeep Renegade
  • Smart Fortwo
  • Volkswagen Polo

The average price for the EXOTIC rental car starts from $19 per day.

Can I use a debit card to pay for my EXOTIC rental car booking in PNL Airport?

You can easily pay for your EXOTIC car rental reservation with a debit card on our website. However, when you arrive at Pantelleria - Airport, you will have to provide a credit card on the name of the main driver, since debit cards are not widely accepted by car rental companies. Cash, pre-paid cards, and gift cards are also not accepted when picking up your vehicle.

You will need a personal credit card to make a deposit when you are directly in Pantelleria - Airport rental point.

Can someone else drive my EXOTIC rental car in Pantelleria - Airport, California?

You will see an additional option “Additional Driver” during the online booking. Usually, this is a paid feature, but you can often find EXOTIC car rentals in PNL Airport with free additional driver options. In some states, your spouse is allowed to drive a rental car and is considered to be an authorized additional driver without any extra payment.

What do I need to have when picking up EXOTIC rental car in Pantelleria - Airport Airport?

Generally, it is enough to present:

  • A full driving license. UK licence holders also need to provide the photocard. If your Driving licence is not in the Roman alphabet (i.e. in Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic, or Chinese), you are required to bring an International Driving Permit along with your domestic licence.
  • A valid photo ID (passport or national ID).
  • A valid credit card in the name of the main driver. It is needed to pre-authorise a car rental deposit at the rental desk.

Is it possible to rent EXOTIC car one way?

Yes, some vendors provide one way EXOTIC car rentals in Pantelleria - Airport. Be attentive when selecting a provider. If you are looking for one way rentals, be prepared that some restrictions and additional payments may apply. Don’t forget to contact the company to make sure of actual availability and cost of one way rentals.

How to find a cheap EXOTIC car rental in PNL Airport?

Car rental in Pantelleria - Airport is an inevitable part of a trip. Your travel can be more pleasant and convenient without being dependent on public transport. We have prepared for you the most detailed instructions on how to rent a car in California.

There are some options to find a necessary car for your trip to Pantelleria - Airport with

  • It is recommended to think of the rental car beforehand.
  • Select your desired location and date of the rental.
  • After pressing the “Search car” button, you will see a list of all affordable car models for rent during the chosen period in Pantelleria - Airport, proposed by different companies.
  • It is possible to filter offers by a specific car class or rental company.
  • Pay attention to the reliability of the car rental company you are going to rent your EXOTIC car from.
  • Choose your perfect EXOTIC car rental offer and get familiar with its price, rental conditions, description, and extra options included in price.
  • If everything suits you, you can make a booking.
  • Receive a voucher and print it. You have to provide a printed voucher during pick-up at the rental desk.

What car rental company has the lowest EXOTIC rental car price in PNL Airport?

The cheapest EXOTIC models in Pantelleria - Airport are provided by OPTIMORENT – Smart Fortwo or similar is affordable to rent from $109.13 per day. Then comes one of the rental leaders – SICILY BY CAR. They offer to rent Jeep Renegade for $33.16 per day. Additional fees and taxes may apply when collecting your EXOTIC rental car in Pantelleria - Airport, so read the rental conditions very carefully.

Should I buy an additional insurance for my EXOTIC car rental in Pantelleria - Airport International Airport?

As a rule, your EXOTIC rental car must be insured before you start driving it from Pantelleria - Airport Airport. If you have personal car insurance, you should check if it applies to rental vehicles and be sure to ask if there are any restrictions.

If you don’t want to buy full insurance, it is recommended to buy insurance to secure your deposit. To do this, you must have a sufficient amount of money on your credit card to cover a deposit and buy Excess insurance on on the reservation stage. car rental app for iOS and Android

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