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Rental cars available in Azores - Flores - Airport (FLW), Portugal

Feel free to navigate the available great AVIS car rental deals in Azores - Flores - Airport. Check out these offers in FLW Airport to choose the most preferable one among currently available.


Ford Fiesta

ilha verde
Ford Fiesta


$42.29 per day

Information about AVIS in Azores - Flores - Airport (FLW), Portugal

In the table below, you can find AVIS information about pickup location, return address, phone number, opening hours, fuel policy, pickup type, and bonuses that AVIS provides in Azores - Flores - Airport [FLW]

AVIS Car Rental

Company name:

AVIS Car Rental


Aeoporto Das Flores, Santa Cruz, 9970 320

Best car rental companies in Azores - Flores - Airport (FLW), Portugal

Alternatively to AVIS, there are other available local and international car rental agencies that operate in Azores - Flores - Airport (FLW), Portugal. Make sure to check for any specials, discounts, or even coupons from these world-trusted car suppliers and choose the best option for you.

EUROPCAR Corporate

EUROPCAR 404 reviews

7.3 / 10

AVIS Azores - Flores - Airport Airport Car Rental Fleet Overview

AVIS in Azores - Flores - Airport Airport provides a huge variety of cars from different car rental classes: Economy, etc.

If you decided to rent an Economy car from AVIS Azores - Flores - Airport, be ready to pick up and Ford Fiesta , or get a car class upgrade.

No matter which car class you book, you will always have a chance to get a car class upgrade for free in case there are no available vehicles from your booked car rental type.

Choose Your AVIS Azores - Flores - Airport Airport Car According to Your Purpose

AVIS provides a large number of cars that will suit any budget and purpose:

  • If you are going on a trip with your family, you should pay attention to vehicles from different car rental classes. For small families with one or two children and a small amount of luggage, Economy or Compact car classes may suit you. If you are traveling with more luggage, you should turn to SUV or Full-Size car rental categories. For a trip with more passengers, you should search for 7 seaters, 9 passenger minivans, and maybe 12 passenger vans.
  • If you are trying to find a car from AVIS in Azores - Flores - Airport for a road trip with your beloved one, you should take notice of various vehicles of Mini, Economy, Convertible, or even Luxury car rental classes.
  • For business trips in Azores - Flores - Airport, the most suitable vehicles from AVIS are of Full Size, Luxury, and Exotic car rental classes.
  • You can also find a suitable car in Azores - Flores - Airport for your special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and other types of celebrations. If you need a car for any sort of a party, consider Luxury and Exotic car rental classes from AVIS in Azores - Flores - Airport Airport.
  • For young drivers AVIS also have some car rental opportunities. Sit up and take notice of Mini, Economy, and Convertible car rental classes from AVIS in Azores - Flores - Airport Airport.

FAQ - AVIS rent a car in Azores - Flores - Airport (FLW), Portugal

How to rent a car from AVIS in Azores - Flores - Airport?

Enter the necessary pickup location and return location in the search form and select the required date and time of your rental. After you get the search results, you will be able to filter them based on your preferred vendor.

What is the cheapest car rental from AVIS in FLW Airport?

The cheapest car from AVIS in Azores - Flores - Airport is Ford Fiesta. The current relevant price is $42.29 per day.

Where to find AVIS office rental desk in Azores - Flores - Airport FLW ?

  • AVIS car rental desk can be located on site of the Azores - Flores - Airport. You can find the exact location by navigating the airport map.

Can I pay for my AVIS rent-a-car reservation with a debit card in Azores - Flores - Airport?

Yes, you can use a debit card to pay for the online reservation. However, during your car pickup, you will need a credit card issued in the name of the main driver to cover the car rental deposit.

Can someone else except me drive my rental car?

This will be possible if you select the additional driver option during your online reservation. Most of the time, this is a paid option that is charged at the car rental desk.

Can I reserve a specific car rental model during my reservation?

Yes, offers that include specific car models are marked with a “Guaranteed Car Model” sign on the search results page.

Does AVIS provide a car seat rental option for children in Azores - Flores - Airport [FLW]?

Yes, you can book a child seat during your online reservation and pay for it at the AVIS car rental desk.

Should I buy an additional insurance for my car rental in Azores - Flores - Airport (FLW), Portugal

If you are not going to buy a full coverage insurance, it is advisable to buy insurance to secure your deposit. You will have to provide your vendor with a credit card with enough available amount of funds needed for the car’s deposit. But if any withdrawals occur, the insurance company will cover the expenses.

You can buy this type of insurance during online car rental booking on our website. car rental app for iOS and Android

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