About Alamo rental car in USA

Alamo is a highly trusted leader in the car rental market. It has built a reputation as a reliable provider that makes no compromises when you need a great rental car for your upcoming road trip. Plus, it's a true innovator. The Alamo was the first to introduce online check-in to speed up the pick-up process for its users.

However, is Alamo a good rental company, and should you prefer it to rent a car? The answer is definitely YES. The company adheres to three simple pillars - the pursuit of high quality, customer-friendly service, and affordable price.

The Alamo has nearly 250 convenient airport and downtown locations in the United States. Its extensive vehicle fleet includes excellently-serviced Economy, Compact, Midsize, Luxury, Convertible, and Standard cars. Thus, you can choose the best car for your special travel needs and enjoy all the benefits each time you drive a car rental USA Alamo.

What do I need to rent a car from the Alamo company at 14CARS.com?

The company has a fairly clear and understandable policy regarding the restrictions and requirements that it imposes on renters. Here's what you need to pick up an Alamo rental car USA:

  • Meet the allowed age. The minimum age from which you can pick up a car is 21, while the maximum age is not limited. The Alamo has stricter age requirements for certain car categories, so always check the rental conditions on our website.
  • Provide a valid driver's license. US residents can only have an active driver's license that hasn’t been expired or canceled. International renters whose driver's license is not in the Roman alphabet must provide an International Driving Permit (IDP) along with the domestic license. Digital driving licenses and learner's permits are not accepted in all Alamo car rental airport and downtown locations.
  • Have a valid credit card. The company’s payment policy requires you to have a credit card in the name of the main driver. Few locations in the US allow debit cards.
  • Verify your identity. The company requires any document to verify identity. Most often, this is your passport.
  • Show your voucher. A confirmation voucher is needed to identify your booking and speed up the collection process.

Reasons to rent a car from Alamo at 14CARS.com?

Having close working ties with the company, we offer you the same great cars but at much better terms and prices. Therefore, you can enjoy many extra benefits when choosing Alamo rent a car through our website:

  • Fast searching and easy booking
  • Cheap all-inclusive rates with no hidden fees
  • The newest vehicle fleet on the market
  • Huge selection of different models for your every purpose
  • Instant price comparison
  • Deals with Unlimited Mileage
  • Zero-excess and fully inclusive insurance plans
  • Excellent set of extras, including prepaid fuel, child seat, and GPS navigator
  • Free additional driver option
  • No one-way fees in Florida, Arizona, California, and Nevada.
  • Hundreds of convenient locations at major US airports
  • Timely technical support

All these advantages mean you can expect an enjoyable Alamo travel experience!

Top Alamo car rental locations in USA

With over 250 company’s pick-up points around the US, you are free to plan your trip wherever you go. Alamo car rental locations cover the main airports of the country. You will also find many conveniently-situated downtown offices near railway stations, major city attractions, and hotels. Check the list of all available spots to start your trip below.

One-way car rental from Alamo

Do you want to return your vehicle to a different location? Alamo one way rental makes it possible and you can easily arrange it with 14CARS. When filling out our search form, uncheck the box next to "Return to the same location" and select the desired drop-off point. Then click the Search Car button and you will see all the available deals with a one-way fee already included in the price.

Alamo car rental insurance

The insurance issue is very important when you are driving a rental car. Alamo takes care of your material peace and provides the following types of protection:

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). CDW means Alamo car rental company relieves you of liability for potential damage to the vehicle that may occur while driving it. CDW is usually included in the price and comes with Theft Waiver (TW). Remember that CDW doesn’t cover roof, undercarriage, windshield, tires, windows, interior, and side mirrors. If you want to insure them, you need to purchase an additional Glass/Tire waiver which costs between $8.99 and $29.99. Your credit card or personal car insurance may also cover your Alamo rental car. Clarify this so as not to buy what you already have.
  • Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP). With SLP, you get financial protection against third-party claims related to driving a rental vehicle. This includes both property damage and bodily injury, and the maximum coverage is $300,000 per incident. SLP is optional and free for you. Please note that this insurance doesn’t work if you are driving Alamo vehicles in Mexico.
  • Personal Accident and Personal Effects Insurance (PAI / PEC). PAI/PEC is available for an additional daily fee. If accepted, PAI covers major renters and passengers from ambulance and accident medical expenses and provides accidental death benefits. The PEC insures the personal effects of the driver and his family members who reside or travel with him. PAI and PEC come as a single insurance plan and can’t be purchased separately.
  • Roadside Plus (RSP). You can buy this insurance for your Alamo car rental at an additional cost. With RSP you get 24/7 roadside assistance in cases that make it impossible to continue driving your vehicle. This includes flat tire service, fuel delivery service (up to 3 gallons), replacement of lost keys, lockout service, jumpstarts, and towing if needed. The RSP operates throughout the US and Canada but is not available in Mexico.

Why do I need Alamo rental car insurance?

Insurance is a must for a road trip, as it gives you peace of mind and financial protection in case of unforeseen situations. That is why you need insurance when you drive even an Alamo economy car.

Sometimes, you can get insurance benefits from third-party providers. For example, from the bank that issued your credit card or from the insurer of your personal car. Therefore, clarify this information, and you will understand whether you need insurance from the Alamo or not.

How to rent a car from Alamo on 14CARS.com?

Finding Alamo cheap car rental in the desired location is a smooth and fast process you enjoy on our website. Here's how you can get a great deal in just 3 steps:

Fill out the search form

Look for the search form above, or go to our home page. Then enter the name of the pick-up location and select the start and end date of the trip you want. If necessary, select a different drop-off location. Hit the Search Car button to continue.

Sort the search results

You will have a list of offers from all available companies in front of your eyes. Your next task is to sort them. First, find the Supplier filter on the left, and select Alamo. This will make Alamo rentals remain in the search results only. Next, sort the deals by car categories using the scroller at the top, and apply other filters if necessary.

Choose the car you like

Browse through the list of offers and choose the best one by simply clicking on the blue Select button. After that, add the required additional options to your booking and click Continue. Then enter lead driver and payment details and confirm your Alamo rent reservation.

FAQ - Alamo rent a car in USA

Can drivers cross the border with a rental car in Alamo?

When driving USA car rental Alamo you have two different cross-boarding options:

  • Travel to Canada. Most cars can be used to travel from the USA to Canada. However, you need to check this possibility for a specific location first. Please note that Exotics, Large Passenger and Cargo Vans, and other specialty vehicles are not permitted to cross the border at all.
  • Travel to Mexico. You can’t drive to Mexico when picking up a car in most Alamo locations. Even if allowed, you need to purchase additional insurance to cover the car while in Mexico. Contact the company representatives at the designated pick-up point to get all the information you need.

Can I take my pet with me on a car rental with Alamo?

You can keep pets in Alamo rental cars but there are some requirements. They must travel in special transporting boxes. This doesn’t apply to service animals used by customers with disabilities, since they can be in a car without a carrier. Also, you need to ensure that the interior is free from damage, pet hair, and other contaminants to avoid cleaning/detailing fees.

How can I pay for fuel in my rented car Alamo?

All Alamo locations offer several ways of how you pay for fuel, but you start with a full tank in both cases.

  • Pay on return. You can take this option when picking up a car. According to it, you get a full tank and then pay for the used fuel at the end of the rental. The price per gallon will be higher than that at local gas stations.
  • Full-to-full. Usually, this fuel option comes by default. You start with a full tank and must return the same amount of fuel upon Alamo car drop off. Please note that you need to fill up the vehicle yourself before returning it. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the missing fuel.
  • Full-to-empty. This option allows you to pick up a car with a full tank and return it empty or with any remaining volume of fuel. Unused fuel won’t be refunded.

What is Alamo's debit card policy in the USA?

Debit cards are accepted at Alamo USA car rental locations. At the same time, both a bank card and a renter must meet certain requirements:

  • A debit card must have VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card logo. No Canadian debit cards.
  • You need to provide a document proving your entry into the country and your future departure from it. For example, a train ticket or an airline boarding pass.

What happens if rental car breaks down?

When you book a car on our website, you get free breakdown assistance by default. It covers car breakdowns if they are not your fault. You can take additional roadside assistance options upon pick up as well. In the event of a breakdown, please contact Alamo customer service via the telephone number specified in your contract.

Does the Alamo have a toll free number in USA?

Yes, Alamo's toll-free number in the USA is 1 (800) 935-0112.