How old do you have to be to rent a car in the USA?

Rental car age requirements are essential as you become a traffic participant. At first glance, they may seem sophisticating because the driving law has slight deviations in different states. The New York and Michigan states can boast of the lowest age of 18 required to rent wheels.

Other states allow customers from 25 years old to do that. However, people under 25 can rent some vehicle classes paying the additional daily surcharge. Thus, the rental suppliers decrease the risks related to the lack of driving practice. Everyone 25 years old can use rental services without extra payment.

Our partners with minimum age to rent a car are ACE, Routes, Enterprise, Avis, Fox, Hertz, Alamo, Avis, Sixt, Thrifty, Budget, Dollar, Advantage, and other local companies. Compare the offers of these rental providers, different deals, and find the one that matches all your needs.

Why do you have to be 25 to rent a car?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration represents observation results that under 25 car rental drivers often become accident participants. It rarely happens to experienced drivers of complete 25. Their statistics reveal the number of collisions resulting from the party of elder drivers is lower.

The rental service encourages conscious, and fitting drivers of all ages. Thus, it allows the 20-years old clients to drive a rental car, or rent a car for 18 year olds in New York and Michigan. Although rental companies are ready to provide economy vehicle classes, they prohibit Luxurious types. Compare the available total prices for renting vehicles on our website.

A small dump, ensure you have sufficient costs on your credit card if you do not purchase full insurance.

What is the young driver fee?

Young Driver Car Rental Fee goes together with an average standard rate for young clients under 25 years old. In that way, rental vehicle suppliers minimize risks related to unpleasant stats of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This data shows how lack of driving practice becomes the reason for the growing number of losses. In general, 18-24 year-olds running a vehicle receive such a claim.

​​A specific fee application aims to make young drivers more conscious about acting on the road. The calculated daily payment has to compensate for all the company risks related to the vehicle and safety. The restriction for the Luxuries and Premium classes is also connected with that.

How much is the under 25 car rental fee?

An under 25 car rental in USA comes with a 'Youthful Surcharge'. Usually, its daily cost slightly deviates depending on the company conditions and chosen location.

If you start searching on the website, you will receive the entire cost in advance and look for a cheap under 25 car rental USA. Doing that you will compare rental car companies that allow under 25 drivers to rent a vehicle. Note that you can confirm or cancel the order yourself, so you are not obliged to pay any charges.

The law of the USA is not uniform with unlikeness in different areas. Thus, you could meet diverse requirements for car rental under 25 age fees. For instance, the Budget locations in New York allow picking up a car rental for 18 year olds. Prices in Michigan locations will differ from the ones in New York rental offices. Clarify all the related details in your company’s terms and conditions.

When will I pay the young driver fee?

Define your age to check the entire cost with the extra payment on when placing an order. Then you will get an option to pay the young driver fee directly at the registration desk.

Is there a way to waive under 25 fee in the USA?

  • The military car rental under 25 program purpose is to assist governmental employees on duty. The rental policies may not expect the young driver charge from you. Do not forget to take an official letter.
  • The drivers can waive under 25 car rental fee, performing business tasks. Ask your company to take care of charges instead of you. In the first place, there must be a special arrangement between your employer and your chosen rental company. Make sure you have it.
  • Sometimes, suppliers of rental vehicles release limited-time exceptions for car rental without under 25 fee USA. For example, Dollar and Hertz save your money making the price affordable to young drivers in January and February or to any holidays. Check the information with terms and conditions that come with your reservation.
  • Double-check policies attentively yourself or ask agents about possible discounts and special offers.

Where can I rent a car under 25 in the USA?

Even if the young driver policy applies to you, the under 25 car rental in the USA is acceptable for you. To plan your trip in advance, check all the airport locations where under 25 years old drivers can come to take a vehicle on our website to clarify all the details.

That is simple to use round-trip and one-way car rental under 25 USA with Use the following guide.

  • Browse for options on the rental service website. Define the pick-up and drop-off locations, reservation dates, and class.
  • Add contact details and apply for the reservation. If you decide to prepay, you will also need to provide your payment details.
  • You have just placed an order! Come with all the above-mentioned documents to take it to rental office.

Which car rental company rents to under 25 drivers in the United States?

The best car rental under 25 in the USA are Budget, ACE, Fox, Advantage, Enterprise, Routes, Avis, Hertz, Sixt, Dollar, Alamo, Thrifty, and National. They permit young people of 18 years to rent a vehicle with extra payment in New York and Michigan. However, the Budget allows cheap one-way car rental under 25 USA in New York and its neighborhood only. With Budget, you can also find beneficial offers for around trips as well. Fox offers to rent a vehicle to people of full 19 years old, while the law says the age of 18 years old. Some car rental companies allow under 25 renting without renter overcharges to U.S. officials.

What do I need to rent a car Under 25?

  • Driver’s License: Although USA citizens acquire driving licenses when they become 16, they receive the right to rent a vehicle after they grow up to 18. You must correspond to the requirement with a driving license. Even the best rental car company for under 25-year-olds does not permit the use of temporary permission instead of a driving license.
  • Credit card: The available payment methods are specified in the requirements of the rental company.
  • ID: It is always sure to represent your ID, especially at the airport locations. However, you can use any valid identity proof.
  • Voucher: do not forget to print out the voucher

Coming to rent a vehicle, take all the required documents. They must be originals in paper form because digital copies are denied.

Can I pay for my under 25 rental reservation with a debit card in the USA?

If you do not have a credit card at the moment or do not have enough funds, it is still possible to use rental services. Under 25 car rental with debit card is welcome with our partners Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty. Still, be aware that the car rental USA under 25 policy years age for drivers is 20 years old with Thrifty and Dollar, and 18 years old with Hertz. Clarify the aspect with your potential supplier, and feel free to hit the road without changeable occasions!

How to rent from if You’re Under 25?

Whether you are new to deals with services or a frequent client, check the list of tips below to make sure you will have a successful trip if you are under 25 years old.

  • Check the law of the destination state. The optimal age for a vehicle rental is 20 (18 in New York or Michigan).
  • Find out the final price ahead while making a reservation on our website. This will help you to avoid unpredictable occasions in your journey.
  • Take a driving license. Its expiration date at least a year ahead will help you bypass suspensions and risks of refusal.
  • Use the credit or debit card issued to your main driver’s name. Ensure that you have sufficient money there to cover the deposit for the rental.
  • Be ready to pay the Young Driver's Fee in addition to the rental price.
  • You should take a confirmation letter from your employer, performing your job with a rented vehicle. Your company should agree on conditions with the car rental service first.
  • Avoid the additional surcharges with an official confirmation as a military or administration employee.
  • Pay attention to taking documents originals as in paper form. Rental agents will not accept digital copies.