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Rental car rates in Arrecife

Compare car rental prices of different car rental class deals from the most trustworthy providers in Arrecife. The cheapest car rental offer of each car rental class available in Arrecife is highlighted in red.

SIXT Rent A Car $17.15 $25.22 $19.24 $23.74 $43.65
Hertz Car Hire $32.73
Europcar $12.65 $13.54
Budget Car Rental $16.27 $16.30

Car rental locations near Arrecife

To find the best car rental deal in Arrecife, you should check out car rentals not only in one pick up and return location. Also have a look at car rental offers in other closest spots: airports, railway stations, ports, and in the downtown.

Lanzarote - Airport (ACE)

5.81 km / 3.61 mi

Lanzarote - Arrecife - Ferry Port

0.85 km / 0.53 mi

Costa Teguise - Occidental Lanzarote Mar - Hotel Deliveries

4.52 km / 2.81 mi

Costa Teguise - Be Live Family Lanzarote Resort - Hotel Deliveries

4.53 km / 2.82 mi

Costa Teguise - Barcelo Lanzarote Resort - Hotel Deliveries

4.6 km / 2.86 mi

Costa Teguise - Melia Salinas - Hotel Deliveries

4.96 km / 3.08 mi

Costa Teguise - Taibaba - Hotel Deliveries

4.96 km / 3.08 mi

Lanzarote - Costa Teguise

6.06 km / 3.77 mi

Costa Teguise - Oasis Lanz Club - Hotel Deliveries

6.56 km / 4.08 mi

Costa Teguise - Barcelo Teguise Beach - Hotel Deliveries

6.71 km / 4.17 mi

Costa Teguise - Be Live Experience Lanzarote Beach Hotel - Hotel Deliveries

6.71 km / 4.17 mi

Lanzarote - Barcelo La Galea - Hotel

6.73 km / 4.18 mi

Matagorda - Las Gaviotas Apartments - Hotel Deliveries

7.7 km / 4.79 mi

Matagorda - Apartments The Morromar - Hotel Deliveries

7.88 km / 4.89 mi

Matagorda - Costa Sal Apartments - Hotel Deliveries

8.1 km / 5.03 mi

Puerto Del Carmen - Costa Sal - Hotel Deliveries

8.1 km / 5.03 mi

Matagorda - Sol Lanzarote - Hotel Deliveries

8.15 km / 5.06 mi

Playa De Los Pocillos - Seaside Los Jameos Playa Hotel - Hotel Deliveries

8.64 km / 5.37 mi

Puerto Del Carmen - Hipotel La Geria Hotel - Hotel Deliveries

8.99 km / 5.59 mi

Lanzarote - Riu Paraiso Lanzarote Resort - Hotel

9.84 km / 6.11 mi

Playa De Los Pocillos - Lanzarote Village Hotel - Hotel Deliveries

9.97 km / 6.2 mi

Puerto Del Carmen - Rosamar Apartments - Hotel Deliveries

10.91 km / 6.78 mi

Puerto Del Carmen - Lanzarote Palm - Hotel Deliveries

11.26 km / 7 mi

Lanzarote - Nordotel Cinco Plaza

11.31 km / 7.03 mi

Puerto Del Carmen - Corona Mar - Hotel Deliveries

11.99 km / 7.45 mi

Puerto Del Carmen - Bitacora - Hotel Deliveries

11.99 km / 7.45 mi

Puerto Del Carmen - Arena Dorada - Hotel Deliveries

11.99 km / 7.45 mi

Puerto Del Carmen - Riu Paraiso - Hotel Deliveries

11.99 km / 7.45 mi

Puerto Del Carmen - Cinco Plazas - Hotel Deliveries

11.99 km / 7.45 mi

Puerto Del Carmen - Lanzaplaya - Hotel Deliveries

11.99 km / 7.45 mi

Puerto Del Carmen - Hyde Park Lane - Hotel Deliveries

11.99 km / 7.45 mi

Arrecife Car Rental Fleet Overview

Due to a large number of car rental suppliers in Arrecife, the car fleet is represented by a huge variety of different vehicles. Please use the table below to get a better understanding of what vehicle is the best fit for you based on your specific requirements.

FAQ - Rent a car in Arrecife

How to rent a car in Arrecife?

Enter the necessary pickup location and return location in the search form and select the required date and time of your rental. After you get the search results, you will be able to filter them based on your preferred criteria.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Arrecife?

The prices for renting a car in Arrecife vary from $9.15 per day to $133.28 per day depending on desired model, pick up location, and rental options.

What location has the cheapest car rental in Arrecife?

The cheapest car rental deal in Arrecife can be found in Arrecife. The car rental prices start from $9.15 in this location.

Can I pay for my rent-a-car reservation with a debit card in Arrecife?

Yes, you can use a debit card to pay for the online reservation. However, during your car pickup, you will need a credit card issued in the name of the main driver to cover the car rental deposit.

Can someone else except me drive my rental car?

This will be possible if you select the additional driver option during your online reservation. Most of the time this is a paid option that is charged at the car rental desk.

Can I reserve a specific car rental model during my reservation?

Yes, offers that include specific car models are marked with a “Guaranteed Car Model” sign on the search results page.

Should I buy an additional insurance for my car rental in Arrecife?

If you are not going to buy a full coverage insurance, it is advisable to buy insurance to secure your deposit. You will have to provide your vendor with a credit card with enough available amount of funds needed for the car’s deposit. But if any withdrawals occur, the insurance company will cover the expenses.

You can buy this type of insurance during online car rental booking on our website.